Synthetic esters: combining food safety and high performance!

Synthetic esters: combining food safety and high performance!

The use of lubricants in the food-processing industry represents a double challenge: whilst the performance of lubricants must be robust enough to resist the presence of water, steam and contaminants, and sustain extreme temperatures either for freezing or cooking, the risk of contaminating food must also be addressed. The consequences of food contamination and subsequent product recalls may be heavy in terms of costs, liability and company image.

Even though risk management may reduce food contamination risk to a minimum level, the introduction of small amounts of lubricants in food is inevitable, hence the existence of a certification system for lubricants and their components that warrants minimized toxicity impact in case of contamination.

NYCO, as a speciality synthetic ester manufacturer, have registered 10 ester base fluids as HX-1 components suitable for use in lubricating formulations approved for incidental contact with food. None of these fluids contain any MOSH or MOAH.

Synthetic esters are known to deliver high performance in lubrication, bringing outstanding resistance to thermo-oxidation, excellent cleanliness, added lubricity, and good low temperature properties. Their high Flash Points ensures improved fire safety in high temperature environments like on oven chains.

HX-1 certified synthetic esters indeed combine food safety and lubrication performance, a precious dual competence for lubrication in the food industry!