NYCO extends the new LuSC list with 11 Nycobase EL base fluid esters

The new criteria of compliance with the European Ecolabel were published in November 2018. Compared to the previous version, the current requirements are more stringent on environmental impact, amongst other aspects. They also define new categories of lubricants that open the scope for increased usage of certified lubricants in a greater number of applications.
The LuSC list (Lubricant Substance Classification list) is a positive list of components that have been approved for direct use in lubricating formulations intended to be submitted for European Ecolabel certification. Applicants using components from the LuSC list do not need to provide any additional documents to support their compliance. Thus it represents a formulation aid, making this sometimes tricky task easier for actors wishing to develop, promote and certify low environmental impact lubricants.

NYCO contributes actively to this beneficial trend for the environment and enriches the LuSC list with 11 base fluid esters, including 3 new products:
Nycobase 7300 EL, Ncyobase 9300 EL and Nycobase 3118 EL.

This product line constitutes a full range of high performance esters dedicated to environmentally sensitive applications that are eligible to European Ecolabel certification, such as:

  • hydraulic systems
  • hydraulic turbine oils
  • oils for closed gears and bearings
  • stern tube oils
  • greases for cables and open gears
  • 2 stroke engine oils
Use Nycobase EL synthetic esters and formulate high performance, European Ecolabel certified lubricants