Synthetic esters maximize the performance of your biodegradable greases

NYCOBASE® synthetic esters may be used as base fluids for the formulation of high performance greases, where they will bring the benefits usually observed with esters: excellent low temperature behaviour, thermo-oxidative stability and cleanliness, and low volatility.

Biodegradability and environmental profile of esters are also properties that are used in greases, in environmentally sensitive applications, in particular in water catchment areas or marine equipment. NYCOBASE® EL series include 13 synthetic ester base fluids dedicated to the formulation of biodegradable, European Ecolabel, and Vessel General Permit (now Vessel Incidental Discharge Act) compliant oils and greases.

NYCOBASE® EL esters are available in a wide range of viscosity, including up to 1000 mm²/s oils showing very useful adhesion features for any application where water resistance is a key parameter. NYCOBASE® EL series proudly combines technical performance and excellent environmental profile to maximize the performance of your biodegradable greases.

These products are available in bulk and packs (drum, IBC) via NYCO’s network of licensed distributors and subsidiaries.

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