Synthetic esters maximize the performance of your food grade lubricants

NYCOBASE® FG base fluids take up the double challenge of food safety and technical performance in the harsh environment of food industries.

NYCO strengthens its product range with 2 new Nycobase® synthetic esters

NYCO is launching Nycobase® SNG EL and Nycobase® SMP EL, performance base fluids for environmentally sensitive applications.

Windrose Airlines selects NYCO turbine oil for its mixed fleet

NYCO announces that Windrose Airlines, a Ukrainian airline based in Kiev, selected Turbonycoil® 600, a synthetic turbine oil, to lubricate the engines of its whole fleet.

SKY Airline reselects Turbonycoil 600 for its fleet of Airbus A320 NEO

NYCO announces that SKY Airline, a main Chilean airline based in Santiago, reselected Turbonycoil® 600, a synthetic standard turbine oil, ...

Webinar Synthetische ester

NYCO is proud to announce the launch of a series of webinars dedicated to synthetic esters. Register now and learn about this technology.

Webinar Aircraft Preservation Solutions

Pick a date and time slot & attend NYCO webinar on the products used to preserve your aircraft and its components when parked for extended periods.

NYCO’s HX-1 certified range of esters, an active link in the chain

The coronavirus pandemic has generated unusual situations within the food industry. A major increase has been seen in sales of ...