NYCO 1750

Single fuel concept additive to improve lubricity and cetane index


NYCO 1750 is composed of a blend of additives that enhance the anti-wear properties and alkyl nitrate-type additives dedicated to improve the cetane index. This liquid is free from any kind of contaminant such as suspended matters, abrasive matters and water.


As a multi-purpose additive for Diesel engines, NYCO 1750 makes it possible to use jet fuel F-34 or F-35 (used in aircraft fighters, transports, helicopters) on Land equipment. Its action improves the quality of the fuel used in truck and tank diesel engines (lubrication boost and cetane index improvement), based on the “Single Fuel Concept” – thereby simplifying fuel logistics on the battlefield.

Main benefits

F-63 is manufactured from jet fuel (F-34 or F-35) in which 0.1% volume of NYCO 1750 is added.

The additive improves the cetane number and lubricity of F-63. Lower lubricity power can lead to premature wear of injectors or rotary injection pumps, mainly those that are self-lubricated by the fuel. Additive NYCO 1750 provides F-63 with better lubricity following the diesel F-54 requirements and therefore eliminates this risk.

A low cetane index can, in turn, affect combustion quality and generate cold start problems for some small displacement engines. With the addition of NYCO 1750, F-63 has a cetane number very close to diesel F-54, thereby limiting the inconvenience.

NYCO 1750 facilitates the operations of several armies around the world.



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