2017 NYCO Double Anniversary

NYCO celebrates its plant’s 20th anniversary and its new research and development laboratory’s 10th anniversary

An operator performing a sample collection

NYCO Tournai Plant, NYCO’s main production site, located in Tournai, Belgium since 1997, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. NYCO manufactures synthetic esters and lubricants for the civil and military aviation and for industry and automotive markets. The products are packaged and exported to more than 100 countries.

 “We are proud of our plant that sets NYCO to an expert level thanks to our dual capacity of producing both synthetic ester bases and high performance lubricants. It is a unique site in Europe. ” Said Guillaume Lafage – Managing Director of NYCO.

 The production site includes several manufacturing and packaging units, as well as an analysis and quality control laboratory where technicians process more than 50,000 samples each year. NYCO Tournai Plant, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, places the environment and safety at the heart of its priorities. Indeed, actions are implemented to control the impacts linked to the site’s activities such as reducing the site’s energy consumption (in 2016, a 22% decrease in electricity consumption compared to 2015), but also the reduction of water consumption (-32%). In addition, the plant ensures compliance and the enhancement of employees’ well-being in the work place by investing in the fields of ergonomics, safety and hygiene.

Last May, NYCO organized an Open House for its 20th anniversary and introduced its new pilot unit where NYCO develops the synthetic lubricants of tomorrow.

A technician doing a deaeration

Since 2007, the research and development laboratory is located in Neuville-Sur-Oise, in the Paris suburbs. NYCO’s engineers and technicians work together to develop the lubricants of the future. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, major projects have emerged in this laboratory:

  • A range of “Food Grade” esters listed as compatible for lubricants used in the food industry;
  • Hydraulic fluids and 2-stroke engine oils meeting the specifications of the European Ecolabel;
  • Aviation, multi-purpose, latest-generation greases, NYCO GREASE® GN 148 and NYCO GREASE® GN 3058, which can replace the vast majority of all existing greases.

Considerable investments in research and development are made every year to develop innovative and responsible technologies, and especially to support our customers in their projects. For example, NYCO has set up an oil analysis service that provides answers, to customers in both the aviation and industry sectors, concerning the oil-in-use’s behavior as well as the equipment’s good functioning.

These two sites reinforce NYCO’s position as a technical expert creating comprehensive solutions for high-performance, responsible technologies.