NYCO offers a comprehensive range of specialized lubricants and synthetic esters for aeronautics, defense and industrial applications: turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, multi-purpose or special-purpose greases, military lubricants, lubricants for aero-derivative turbines, industrial and automotive lubricants, synthetic esters, environmentally considerate lubricants. NYCO products are certified and approved by aircraft, engine and original equipment manufacturers and the Authorities, and are compliant with international standards and specifications.

Mineral and synthetic turbine oils.

Multi-purpose or special-purpose mineral and synthetic greases for extreme applications compliant with civil, military aviation and industrial constraints. Mineral and synthetic turbine oils.

Mineral and synthetic fluids for hydraulic systems and circuits subjected to high and low temperatures, resistant to fire, extreme pressure and corrosion, and biodegradable.

High-performance mineral and synthetic oils for different aeronautical, defense and industrial applications.

Range of dielectric fluids for transformers based on synthetic esters.

Synthetic esters including monoesters, diesters, glycol esters, neopolyol esters and complex esters developed both for use as primary base fluid or as part of a multi-component high performance lubricant formulation for industrial and automotive applications.

Products and additives for different operational applications in aeronautics and defense.

A full product range from synthetic esters to fully-formulated lubricants that are designed to meet multiple environmental constraints (biodegradability, etc.). Solutions for hydraulic applications, gears, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, greases and dielectric fluids among others.

Phthalate-free synthetic esters used as plasticizers in the polymer industry. Specialty plasticizers for Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE).

High performance additives for industrial and automotive lubricants. Give exceptional results that standard additives cannot reach. Nycoperf AO 337 is an anti-oxidant and anti-deposit additive that can be used in lubricants at very high temperatures, up to 300°C (e.g. chain oil, grease, etc.).

Products that protect against corrosion, in particular during storage, for different types of equipment: engines, systems, gearboxes, bearings and LRU (Line Replaceable Units).