NYCOBASE 9680X – High temperature synthetic esters

NYCO adds NYCOBASE 9680X to its existing portfolio of high temperature synthetic esters

NYCO, speciality ester manufacturer, is proud to enrich its current range of speciality esters dedicated to ultra-high temperature applications with NYCOBASE 9680X.

This new neopolyol ester is an ISO VG 220, high performance base fluid specifically designed to reach the perfect trade-off between thermo-oxidation stability, volatility and cleanliness. As a result, it demonstrates outstandingly high flash and fire points and low volatility, whilst keeping the superior cleanliness features usually observed with neopolyol esters.

NYCOBASE 9680X is particularly recommended in formulations exposed to extreme temperature conditions, like high temperature chain oils, where fire safety is key. Thanks to the use of NYCOBASE 9680X, flash points of more than 300°C will be achieved, and the equipment will remain clean – two key parameters that make for much reduced occurrences of fire outbreaks and less maintenance costs.

NYCO Neopolyol esters for use in high temperature lubricants and greases