NYCO introduces a new high performance antioxidant

Antioxidants are key components of synthetic ester based lubricating formulations for high temperatures.

As NYCO explained in a paper presented at the 2019 STLE meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, making the most of the excellent thermo-oxidative stability of synthetic esters requires the use of carefully selected antioxidant systems.

The development of a dedicated antioxidant was initially triggered by the need for higher performance jet engine oils, where extended lifetime, reduced deposit formation and improved resistance to thermo-oxidation are essential features for latest generation jet engines. But extreme conditions may also be found in industrial applications like turbines, engine turbochargers, or furnace conveyors, with operating temperatures exceeding 250°C at times.

NYCO’s new oligomer antioxidant, NYCOPERF® AO 424, extends the performance level achieved in the aviation industry to challenging industrial applications. When used in suitable NYCOBASE® high temperature synthetic esters, this technology delivers outstanding performance. Such a combination has proven to be successful in high temperature chain oils for instance, and is able to sustain temperatures exceeding 300°C.