NYCO’s HX-1 certified range of esters, an active link in the chain

The coronavirus pandemic has generated unusual situations within the food industry.

A major increase has been seen in sales of long-lasting food such as frozen, processed and packaged food, whilst food service has been clearly declining. As a result, demand on the food processing industries has been pressing over the past weeks, with some episodes of panic buying adding some tension to the context.

Lubricant manufacturers supply products to key industry sectors, such as food. In these troubled times, NYCO reaffirms its commitment to be an active link of this chain.

In NYCO’s product range, 10 Nycobase® synthetic ester base fluids are NSF HX-1 registered. Together with a fully formulated ISO VG 220, H1 certified high temperature chain oil, Nycolube® 5950 FG, they offer the lubricant industry a wide choice of viscosities and performance features, taking up the double challenge of lubrication excellence and food safety.