Air Calédonie slelects TURBONYCOIL 600 for its whole fleet composed of ATR72

Singapore, September 2022,

NYCO announces that Air Calédonie, a domestic airline of the French collectivity of New Caledonia, based in Nouméa, has selected TURBONYCOIL® 600, a synthetic standard turbine oil, to lubricate the engines of its whole ATR72 fleet powered by PW127 engines.

In the words of Air Calédonie “We look forward to taking advantage of this new commercial collaboration: in addition to the excellent reputation of the product, this contract illustrates our ability to comply with the very strict requirements of the aeronautical industry while reducing our costs.” commented Jean-Marie HAOCAS, Technical Director of Air Calédonie.

We are really glad to support Air Calédonie operations with our TURBONYCOIL® 600 through our partner Aviation Partner and Consulting (APAC) located in Singapore. We thank Air Calédonie for being our very first TURBONYCOIL®600 reference in French collectivity and for their trust in the performance of our product. With this new airline, NYCO and his partner APAC proved that are ready to satisfy any supply chain customer requirements. Air Calédonie will now benefit from high performance turbine oil with excellent customer support and price saving provided by APAC ” said Rémi YOU, Sales and Marketing Manager – Aeronautics.