NYCO announces General Electric’s approval of Turbonycoil® 600 for use in GE CF6 & GE9X engines

Paris, June 19th, 2023:

Under the terms of the global partnership signed in September 2021, NYCO & Air France have been cooperating on CF6-80 engine oil evaluation. Since completing the evaluation, NYCO has announced that General Electric recently approved Turbonycoil® 600, a synthetic standard turbine oil, for use in General Electric CF6 engines, which power multiple aircraft applications like the A330 and GE9X for the new B777X program.

The GE9X will be the world’s biggest turbofan engine. This qualification enables NYCO to increase its support for mixed fleet airlines, especially for the wide body market segment.

 “These two recent qualifications confirm NYCO’s strategic position and ambitions to support operators with both narrow and wide body fleets, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with Air France to develop NYCO’s future lubricant solutions in line with the ambitions of our industry”, said Pedro Dasi, NYCO Director – Civil aviation.

The strong partnership with Air France led to quick and effective qualifications and we can now offer worldwide airlines the opportunity to use Turbonycoil® 600 on A330 & B777X aircraft”, said Paul Gallais, NYCO Program Director.

“Turbonycoil® 600 oil is fully deployed across our entire Boeing 777 and Airbus 320 and 220 fleet. We are therefore very pleased to have this opportunity to extend its use to our Airbus A330 fleet.. Indeed, this turbine oil gives complete satisfaction and is clearly positioned in line with the best standards in the industry. said Olivier Boina – Vice President Engine Fleet Engineering at Air France.

A service evaluation on a CF6 engine following the manufacturer’s procedures was led in collaboration with Air France and Azerbaijan Airlines cumulating more than 50,000 flight hours, who already use Turbonycoil® 600 for the other aircraft in their fleet where certified. GE9X approval for Turbonycoil® 600 was granted following an extensive certification process during the engine design process, enabling the use of the Turbonycoil 600 as of the B777X’s entry into service.

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