Research & Development

For over 60 years, NYCO has devoted significant resources to the development of innovative and efficient synthetic esters and lubricants for use in the industrial, automotive, aviation and military sectors.

In 2008, NYCO opened a new Research & Development centre housing a highly skilled team of PhDs and engineers, and equipped with modern appliances. We invest in R&D to:

  • Develop innovative and responsible technologies;
  • Support our customers in their projects;
  • Insure process efficiency and quality control.

Research is at the heart of our activities

25 experts fully dedicated to lubricant innovation

2,500 formulas tested every year

300 chemical synthesis realized each year

Responsible solutions

We make considerable investments in R&D to create innovative products combining safety and environmental performance.

  • Non hazardous products and components;
  • European Ecolabel, biodegradable & VGP compliant bases & products;
  • Biobased products;
  • Products’ life cycle improvement;
  • Strong commitment to replacing toxic & CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic) products;
  • Energy saving products.