Hydraulic fluids

Shock strut fluids for landing gears and helicopter system fluids

HYDRAUNYCOIL® includes high performance mineral and synthetic fluids for hydraulic systems at high and low temperature. Our fluids have outstanding properties regarding resistance to fire and extreme pressure, anti-corrosion and biodegradability.

Spotlight products

The NYCO hydraulic fluid used on all types of aircraft. A reliable and economic solution.

Fluids dedicated to Boeing aircraft in operation, after overhaul and under storage. Also available for Airbus.

The synthetic shock strut fluid for new generation aircraft!

Helicopter and fighter hydraulic systems fluid.

NYCO hydraulic fluids are meant for the main following applications:

  • Hydraulic system fluids for aircraft and helicopters
  • Shock strut fluids for landing gears (first fill for major OEMs)
  • Corrosion prevention

We also provide full landing lubrication solutions that include greases for wheel bearings, landing gears, heavy loads… For more information contact us or use our product search engine.