Turbine and piston engine oils

Engine oils for power plants, APUs, IDGs, starters, propellers and accessories for aircraft and helicopters

The TURBONYCOIL® product range includes high performance synthetic aviation turbine and piston engine oils as well as mineral preservation oils. Our turbine oils are fortified with carefully selected anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives.

Besides their high quality, our products are cost efficient, placing them among the best aviation lubricants on the market. Our turbine oils can be safely mixed and interchanged with other oils meeting the same specifications.

NYCO lubricants have brought 60 years of military experience to the service of civil aviation.

TURBONYCOIL spotlight products

The reference in STD/SPC jet engine oil.

Low temperature oil for operation in cold weather and accessories: APU restart in flight, RAT, flap and slat gearbox unit, THS.

Used as preservation oil for maintenance tasks or storage

Lubricating oils for piston engines.

Other NYCO oils include solutions for: (non-exhaustive list)

  • Instruments,
  • Accessories (APUs, starters, IDGs, THS, propellers…),
  • Gears and transmissions,
  • Heavy loaded systems,
  • Corrosion prevention,
  • Fuel systems

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