Air Force lubricants

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In 1957, NYCO took an interest in ester-based aviation lubricants and subsequently received its first approval for a turbine engine oil from the French Ministry of Defence. Later, NYCO extended its range of lubricants to comply with British and American specifications.

In the early 70s, we started developing lubricants for Soviet equipment; strengthening our presence on the Eastern European markets.

After being one of the pioneers in aviation lubricant development, NYCO has gone from strength to strength and is now the leading military aviation lubricant supplier worldwide and the sole European manufacturer of such lubricants.

Our product offer has been extensively developed to respond to Air Force needs: turbine oils, hydraulics, multipurpose greases, gear and transmission lubricants, fuel additives, etc. and cover the most comprehensive fleet range.

Fighter aircraft:

Lockheed Martin Falcon F16: Product list
Dassault Rafale: Product list
Eurofighter: Product list
Mig 29: Product list
Sukhoi 27: Product list

Transport aircraft:

Lockheed Martin Hercules C-130: Product list
Airbus A400M: Product list
CASA CN-235: Product list
ATR: Product list
Antonov 24/26/30: Product list


Bell 212: Product list
MIL MI-17: Product list
Kamov KA-28: Product list

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