Land Force lubricants

Tailor-made for land equipment reliability and performance

To ensure the operability of each military entity, NYCO has applied its expertise to the development of various lubricant solutions for non-airborne vehicles and equipment.

NYCOLUBE 269 O-1179 DCSEA 215/B Lubrication of 4-stroke engines 5W40
NYCOLUBE 294 O-1178 TL-9150-0080 Aug 3 Lubrication of heavy duty engines multigrade 0W30
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NYCOLUBE 127 S-758 MIL-PRF-63460 E / BT-PS-661 A Weapon CLP lubricant
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NYCO 1750  S-1750 DCSEA 751/B Multipurpose additive for fuel
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HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 14 H-540 TL-9150-0035 Iss.5 Recoil and hydraulic system fluid
NYCO GREASE GN 145 G-403 MIL-PRF-10924 G General Automotive and Artillery (GAA) grease

Lists of specific products:

Tanks and armored vehicles solutions
Krauss Maffei Wegmann Leopard tank
T-70 / T-90 tanks

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