Turbine and piston engine oils

Oils for aircraft, helicopters, aircraft carriers, frigates and ground equipment

TURBONYCOIL® includes high-performance, synthetic aviation gas turbine (turbo-jet, propellers, etc.) and piston engine oils as well as mineral preservation oils. Our turbine oils are fortified with carefully selected anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives.

NYCO lubricants have clocked up over 60 years of military experience in the service of air forces:

  • TURBONYCOIL 13B on Mirage
  • TURBONYCOIL 35A on Transall C-160
  • TURBONYCOIL 98 on Mi helicopters
  • TURBONYCOIL 160 on F-16
  • TURBONYCOIL 210A on Mig and Sukhoï
  • TURBONYCOIL 400 on F-22 and F-35
  • TURBONYCOIL 600 on Rafale and Eurofighter

Our high-performance standard jet engine oil TURBONYCOIL 600 has logged over 30 million operating hours since 1985!


Product spotlights

TURBONYCOIL 600 O-156 MIL-PRF-23699 STD, SAE AS5780 SPC, DCSEA 299, DEF-STAN 91-101, OX-27 5 cSt standard synthetic turbine oil
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TURBONYCOIL 640 O-154 SAE AS5780 HPC (MIL-PRF-23699 HTS) 5 cSt high temperature synthetic turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 601 O-152 MIL-PRF-23699 Class CI 5 cSt corrosion inhibited synthetic turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 400 O-163 MIL-PRF-7808 Gr.4 4 cSt synthetic turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 160 O-148 MIL-PRF-7808 Gr.3 3 cSt synthetic turbine oil
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TURBONYCOIL 3516 O-133 MIL-PRF-6081, AIR 3516 Mineral turbine oil
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TURBONYCOIL 699 O-160 DEF-STAN 91-100, OX-26 5 cSt extreme pressure synthetic turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 98 B-3V DEF-STAN 91-98, OX-38 7.5 cSt synthetic Russian turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 210A       IMP-10 TU 38 1011299-90 3.5 cSt synthetic Russian turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 321            MS-8p OST 38-01163-78 8 cSt mineral Russian turbine oil
TURBONYCOIL 329 TSgip TU 1011332-90 Mineral Russian lubricating oil for gears
TURBONYCOIL 280P O-135 AIR 3515 3 cSt mineral lubricating oil

This is just a preview of our product range. For more information, contact us or use our product search engine.