High performance dielectric fluids

NYCODIEL series: special synthetic esters designed for insulating applications

The NYCODIEL series includes special synthetic esters designed for insulating applications.

The NYCODIEL series displays excellent dielectric properties, fire safety, high-performance over a wide range of temperatures, biodegradability, and outstanding oxidation stability. They are recommended products when the highest quality and performance are required.

NYCODIEL® 1200 series has been qualified by several transformer manufacturers and accepted for use without restriction, providing excellent performances in service in the following applications :

  • Traction transformers (EMU, VHST, Tram-trains, Locomotives, Railways operators…)
  • Windmills transformers
  • Off-shore Transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Etc.

NYCODIEL® 1200 series is used in ABB traction transformer

Synthetic ester-based dielectric fluid for very cold conditions, with a pour point below -60°C, whilst maintaining high flash and fire points. Biodegradable.  

Synthetic ester dielectric fluid complying with IEC 61099 – 2010. This transformer oil is biodegradable, and has high fire safety properties (K3 fluid).  

Synthetic ester dielectric fluid compliant with IEC 61099 – 2010. K3 classified, biodegradable, safe insulating fluid with excellent resistance to high temperatures. The optimal dielectric choice.

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