Industry & Automotive

High performance synthetic esters and lubricants

NYCO is a worldwide expert in the development and manufacturing of synthetic esters, ester-based oils and greases for use in Industrial and Automotive sectors. We offer lubricant formulators valuable solutions that respond to increasing severity in operation and industrial trends: longer lifetime, higher temperatures and pressures, energy efficiency and environmental consideration.



On the strength of 60 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of aviation turbine oil, NYCO has acquired valuable expertise in the area of synthetic esters. NYCOBASE® esters are used by lubricant formulators to develop high-performance lubricants for various industrial and automotive applications such as:

  • Automotive lubricants
  • High-temperature applications
  • Environmentally-considerate lubricants
  • H1 Food Grade lubricants
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Greases


There is a growing interest for high-performance lubricants in industrial applications:

  • Extending drain intervals and longer lifetimes;
  • Better resistance to ageing;
  • Improved energy efficiency and fuel economy.

Consideration of environmental impacts is also gaining ground. NYCO has developed several ranges of synthetic lubricants in response to various growing industrial needs, with a strong focus on high temperature applications such as high-temperature oven chain lubricants and environmentally-considerate lubricants.


The environmental impact of lubrication is a growing concern. Esters are base fluids of choice to develop lubricants responding to the latest and most stringent regulations for lubricants. NYCO offers a full set of synthetic esters from low to high viscosity, suitable as base-stocks in environmentally considerate oils and greases, complying with the European Ecolabel requirements, while delivering high performance. NYCO also develops finished lubricants based on synthetic esters: hydraulic fluids, 2-stroke oils, greases…


NYCODIEL® 1200 series is a range of biodegradable, oxidatively stable, fire-safe insulating fluids based on synthetic esters. We offer transformer oils that comply with IEC standard 61099 as well as a solution for very low temperature applications.


NYCO has developed specific synthetic esters used as plasticizers for the polymer industry. Phthalate free, they are a speciality plasticizer used for example for TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer).

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