Synthetic esters

High performance esters for the latest generation of synthetic lubricants

The need for high-duration lubricants in environments where temperatures are constantly rising, along with requirements for improved cleanliness and optimized energy efficiency is pushing industrial consumers towards the usage of synthetic esters.

We offer the lubricant industry solutions that cope with latest technical challenges. Once a pioneer, NYCO is now a recognized leader in the areas of neopolyol and complex esters that provide a wide variety of technical advantages and benefits.

Trust our experts to imagine innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Our synthetic esters


Extreme fluidity, ultra-low temperature properties, friction modification, solvency and detergency.


Excellent low temperature properties, good seal swelling characteristics and lubricating properties.

Neopolyol esters

Superior thermal oxidative stability combined with excellent low-temperature properties, low volatility, enhanced hydrolytic stability and a good environmental profile.

Complex esters

Very high viscosity, good low-temperature properties, excellent lubricity and high-viscosity indexes.

Food Grade esters

HX-1-certified, used as base-stock or additive in H1 lubricants for applications where incidental food contact may occur.

Esters for metalworking fluids

Improved wettability and boosted film strength and EP properties.

Special esters

Designed to meet specific requirements: hydrocarbon resistance, water solubility, etc.

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