NYCOLUBE 5600 HT series

Chain lubricants for ovens operating at very high temperature NYCOLUBE 5600 HT series is a range of 100% synthetic, high temperature chain lubricants formulated with high performance neopolyol esters blended with Nyco’s innovative and patented antioxidant system, and carefully selected additives that improve antiwear properties and guarantee superior thermo-oxidative and coking resistance. Compared to other high temperature chain oils available in the industry, NYCOLUBE 5600HT series exhibits very low evaporation rates, exceptional coking resistance while maintaining very good lubricity. This generates superior chain cleanliness, facilitating re-lubrication operations and reducing maintenance costs. Products from NYCOLUBE 5600HT series have demonstrated excellent performance in service up to 300°C in severe industrial conditions such as panel wood, glass wool, rockwool, plastic film, or ceramic industries. Products from NYCOLUBE 5600HT series are available in five viscosity grades, from 68 up to 400 mm2/s at 40°C.

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