Mineral and synthetic fluids for hydraulic systems and circuits subjected to high and low temperatures, resistant to fire, extreme pressure and corrosion, and biodegradable.

Aeronautical applications: damping fluid for landing gears (initial assembly at the main OEMs), fluids for helicopters and combat aircraft, actuators, THS (Tail Horizontal Stabilizer), test bench, etc.

Military applications: mobile equipment, artillery, gun-mounts, tanks, missile hydraulics, etc.

Automotive applications: biodegradable hydraulics for public works, lifting and marine equipment, etc.

Industrial applications: dams, drill bits, etc.

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For the Automotive & Industrial sectors


For aircraft (general hydraulics, landing gear), marine and ground equipment (turret, gun recoil)

HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 14 recoil and hydraulic system fluid
HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 19 recoil and hydraulic system fluid for Navy vessels

Shock strut fluids for landing gears and helicopter system fluids

HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 51 hydraulic fluid used on all types of aircraft
HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 5 AW / 6 AW fluids dedicated to Boeing aircraft in operation, after overhaul and under storage. Also available for Airbus aircraft
HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 42 the synthetic shock strut fluid for new generation aircraft
HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 2 helicopter and fighter jet system fluid