Fluids dedicated to Boeing aircraft in operation, after overhaul and under storage. Also available for Airbus aircraft.


HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 5 AW and FH 6 AW are mineral shock strut fluids with a viscosity of about 14 cSt at 40°C with an extremely wide operating temperature range (from -54°C to +135°C). They contain a specific additive package to improve the fluid lubricity and extreme-pressure properties.


  • Shock strut fluid for landing gears of Boeing aircraft
  • Hydraulic system fluid
  • Corrosion preventive

Main benefits

HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 5 AW has all the qualities of HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 51 + a specific additive package that improves fluid lubricity, an outstanding friction coefficient and extreme-pressure efficient properties in operation.
As it retains fluidity down to -54°C, it is an efficient shock absorber during landing, even after prolonged high altitude cruise. It is intended for use on landing gears of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

HYDRAUNYCOIL FH 6 AW has great anti-corrosion properties for landing gears after overhaul or in storage. It can be used as preservative or in operation, and is therefore the best multi-purpose solution for Boeing and Airbus fleets.


BMS 3-32 B Type I
BMS 3-32 B Type II
Airbus CML ref. 02CCC1 and 02CBB1

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