High performance mineral and synthetic oils for different aeronautical, defence and industrial applications: engines, helicopter gear boxes, power-drive units for aircraft engines, on-board aeronautical instruments, equipment anti-seize and assembly, LRU (Line Replaceable Units), CLP lubricants (Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative) for the maintenance of weapons, gear boxes, power reduction gearboxes, refrigerant or air compressors, high-temperature chain oils.

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Synthetic lubricants for the Automotive & Industrial sectors

NYCOLUBE 200 series high performance 2-stroke engine oils
NYCOLUBE 5500 series high flash point high temperature oven chain oils
NYCOLUBE 5600 HT series very high-temperature oven chain oils
NYCOLUBE 3000 series high performance compressor oils
NYCOLUBE 7000 series synthetic refrigeration lubricants

Specific solutions for the Defence sector

NYCOLUBE 127 CLP weapon CLP lubricant
NYCOLUBE 210 2-stroke outboard engine oil, biodegradable
NYCOLUBE 294 heavy duty multigrade 0W30 engine oil