Nyco Grease GN 3058, high temperature grease for highly loaded application

Nyco Grease GN 3058, the newest high-temperature range grease for longer wheel bearing life, is now available on the market.

Approved against SAE AMS-3058, Nyco Grease GN 3058 is today’s most advanced grease technology based on lithium complex with outstanding anti-corrosion properties, even in presence of salt water. Nyco Grease GN 3058 delivers outstanding performances in four key properties for applications such as wheel bearings, propeller bearings and highly loaded landing gear areas: the base oil viscosity, the load wear index, the resistance to water washout and the oil separation.

In the context of the development of new tyres that allow a lot more of landing cycles, Nyco Grease GN 3058 is the high-performance grease that will preserve the wheels of aircraft.


Nyco Grease GN 3058 is designed to operate in humid environment in a very wide temperature range going from -54°C to +175°C and offers:

  • High load carrying capabilities,
  • Outstanding resistance to water and runaway deicing fluid washout,
  • Very stable at the high temperatures encountered during landing,
  • Very good protection against corrosion even in the presence of salt water.


  • Approved SAE-AMS-3058
  • Approved MIL-PRF-32014A
  • Approved AIMS 09-06-003
  • Listed in Boeing D50255

Nyco Grease GN 3058 is available worldwide through NYCO’s network of distributors. It is available in 35lb pails, 1kg cans and 400g cartridges. Any supply chain and/or technical questions can be sent to

Learn more : TDS_Nycogrease_GN3058_1E8