Whether engine, transmission or instrument oils, hydraulic fluids, multi-purpose greases or lubricants, NYCO Defence offers a comprehensive product range for Air, Sea and Land applications. Our products are designed to meet high military and aeronautical standards and to operate under extreme conditions and harsh environments.

Your reliable partner in the field!

Thanks to 60 years’ field experience in defence business and pioneering in turbine oil development, NYCO has become the reference supplier for Air-Sea-Land Forces and Administrations all over the world.

By complying with highly demanding military requirements and aeronautical standards, we offer a unique range of military products to more than 100 operators in the three armed forces: Army, Air Force and Navy.

We strive to provide the most extensive range of top quality products to our customers, at any time and in any location.

Our lubricants for Air, Sea and Land applications

Oils for aircraft, helicopters, aircraft carriers, frigates and ground equipment.

Hydraulic fluids for aircraft, marine and ground equipment.

Multi-purpose and specific greases for standard or extreme applications.

Lubricants covering a wide range of applications.

Corrosion preventers, icing inhibitors, coolants and fuel additives.

Quality products for aviation

All our products meet the strict requirements of international certifications and major European and American Military authorities (MIL-PRF, DEF-STAN, DCSEA, TL, SAE AMS among others).

For almost 30 years now, NYCO has also developed substitutes for lubricants manufactured in Russia, according to the relevant original specifications. Today, we are the sole manufacturer able to offer a complete range of products for applications on Russian/Ukrainian and US/European military equipment.

See our Aeronautics & Defence products catalogue for a non-exhaustive list of the military specifications we meet.