Multi-purpose or special-purpose mineral and synthetic greases for extreme applications (low and high temperatures, high speed and pressure, saline, corrosive, humid environments, etc.), compliant with civil, military aviation and industrial constraints.

To be applied to the airframe, slats, flaps, heavy loads, THS (Tail Horizontal Stabilizer), actuators, bearings, doors, landing gears, wheels, jacks, rudders, LRU (Line Replaceable Units) and also as an anti-seize or assembly compound, protection grease, etc.

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For the Aeronautics & Defence sectors

NYCO GREASE GN 155 heavy duty naval grease, sea-water resistant
NYCO GREASE GN 148 multi-purpose grease for all airframes
NYCO GREASE GN 22 wheel bearings grease
NYCO GREASE GN 25013 extreme temperature grease
NYCO GREASE GN 3058 the newest high-temperature range grease for longer wheel bearing life