Webinar Aircraft Preservation Solutions

Since travel restrictions have been enforced and until air traffic can resume, it is critical to protect your fleet of aircraft and limit the additional maintenance costs on the engines, landing gears and all other systems sensitive to external pollution, corrosion and or seizing.

This webinar is hosted by the NYCO technical department and intends to give you more information and context on the oils, greases and hydraulic fluids specifically designed for protection during storage/parking of the aircraft.

A presentation of the products, their specifications/qualifications and general rules of use in the equipment will be given.

We look forward to your attendance and wish you good health.

For privacy reasons, attendants will not be able to activate their microphone or camera. Attendants will have the opportunity to ask questions through the chat box.
Questions will be answered privately (during or after the webinar) unless the subject is adapted for a public answer.