Paris, February 2023,

NYCO announced today that Dubai-based flydubai renewed a multi-year exclusive agreement for the supply of Turbonycoil® 600 to cover flydubai’s full fleet of Boeing 737 NG powered by CFM56-7B engines and Boeing 737 Max powered by Leap-1B engines.

“During the past two years, flydubai has taken delivery of 22 new aircrafts and begun operations to more than 45 additional destinations across Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia while the total fleet is expected to reach 225 Aircraft by 2029. We have been pleased to support flydubai ambitious expansion plan back in 2018, and we are proud that flydubai has, once again, selected Turbonycoil®600 as their exclusive synthetic turbine oil for the next years. We believe NYCO’s expertise associated to the high customer service level and the multi-year fix price solution will keep helping flydubai in their dynamic growth.” Clement FABRE – EMEA Head of Sales says.

Approved against demanding specifications, including SAE AS 5780 SPC Class and MIL-PRF-23699 STD Class, Turbonycoil®600 is increasing its worldwide footprint with available stock in USA, Europe, Dubai, India and Singapore. During the year 2022, Turbonycoil®600 has logged more than 6 Millions Flight Hours with proven field experience all over the World.