PLAY selects NYCO turbine oil TURBONYCOIL® 600

Paris, June 20th, 2023,

NYCO announces that PLAY, a new Icelandic low-cost airline operating flights between North America and Europe, has selected Turbonycoil® 600, a synthetic standard turbine oil, to lubricate the engines of its whole fleet of A320neo & A321neo powered by LEAP-1A.

In the words of PLAY “We’re thrilled to announce the successful transition to NYCO oil for our fleet. This strategic move has not only brought significant cost savings but has also contributed to our commitment to environmental sustainability” commented Arvydas Stanina, Material Controller of PLAY.

We are really glad to support PLAY operations with our Turbonycoil® 600 and we thank PLAY for their trust in our company and products. PLAY will now benefit from NYCO great performance turbine oil in addition to excellent customer support and significant cost saving. We wish to PLAY the brightest future and we are ready to support them on that way.” said Grégoire DUTEIL, Sales & Marketing Manager – Civil Aviation at NYCO.

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