The reference in STD/SPC turbine oils


TURBONYCOIL 600  is a standard lubricating oil with a viscosity of 5 cSt at 100°C based on high thermal stable polyol esters, and fortified with carefully selected anti-oxidant, antiwear and anti-corrosion additives.


  • Turbine oil for military and civil aircraft and helicopters
  • Accessories (APUs, starters, IDGs, THS, propellers, …)
  • Stationary industrial applications (aero-derivative gas turbines)

Main benefits

  • Engine cleanliness (excellent non-coking performance)
  • Low volatility at high temperature
  • High flash point
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Superior lubricity


  • SAE AS5780 Class SPC*
  • MIL-PRF-23699 G Class STD
  • DCSEA 299/A
  • DEF STAN 91-101 Iss.3, Amd. 1
  • NATO CODE O-156
  • OX-27 / OX-28
  • Airbus CML ref. 03ABA1

*A more stringent specification compared to MIL-PRF-23699, as it encompasses all the requirements of the military specification as well as specific OEMs testing requirements. TURBONYCOIL 600 is approved by all major engine manufacturers (General Electric, Pratt and Whitney Canada, Allison, Rolls-Royce, Snecma, Klimov, Turbomeca and CFMI among others). It is used by major oil companies, packagers and service companies worldwide and has logged over 60 million operating hours since 1985.