New HX-1 certified Nycobase ester base fluid

We are proud to announce that we are adding a new Nycobase® synthetic ester base fluid to the line of our NSF® HX-1 products.

Nycobase® 32011 FG is an ISO VG 220, high performance, high temperature synthetic ester dedicated to the formulation of lubricants exposed to very high temperatures, like high temperature chain oils or compressor oils.

It shows outstanding  performance features such as:

  • ultra low volatility
  • flash points exceeding 300°C
  • high level of resistance to thermo-oxidation
  • excellent cleanliness in operation
  • good lubricity

We are also offering a new version of our ISO VG 220 fully formulated, NSF® H1 certified high temperature chain oil, Nycolube® 5951 FG. This oil is based on Nycobase® 32011 FG and shows great performance benefits, ensuring maximum fire safety, stability on the equipment, minimum downtimes and energy consumption.