NYCODIEL properties


Retro-filling is a possible solution to extend transformer lifetime. Owing to its ability to entrap water molecules, NYCODIEL will even remove residual humidity from the insulating paper. Synthetic ester fluids such as NYCODIEL 1200 series are fully compatible and miscible in all proportion with mineral oil, natural ester oils and other synthetic esters meeting the same specification, but are not miscible with silicone oils. NYCODIEL® 1200 series are K Class Liquids, exhibiting Fire Points above 300°C. In  case of retro-filling, if the ‘former’ fluid is mineral oil, then a high percentage of residual mineral oil may impact the properties of the ‘new’ fluid, such as lowering of the Flash / Fire Points and the breakdown voltage. If former fluid is mineral oil, NYCO recommends that remaining content is less than 2%, to ensure keeping fire resistance properties (class K3). NYCODIEL properties